Three Step Method:     Results

Zen Mindfulness is a way of seeing through the illusions we create for ourselves. But while the clarity of mind we cultivate by making Presence our home is the root benefit of the Three Steps method, other practical benefits spring from it:

  • Equanimity. The more time you spend in Presence the more stable your emotions become.
  • Direct experience. Having clearly experienced the objective and essential realms for yourself you can know when later attempts to return to them are successful.
  • Effective action. You’re spending less time watching your internal movies, so you have more time and energy available to decide your actions and take them.
  • Relief when you’re emotionally overwhelmed. You learn to recognize when you’re lost in Storyland and take the steps back out of it. When you’ve settled in Presence you can step forward into Discovery to clearly sort out the ingredients of the emotionally-charged situation and effectively work with them.
  • Time saved. Instead of spending months or years sifting through your Storyland terrain looking for answers to your deepest questions you can categorize it all as Story-stuff and let it go. These deepest questions resolve themselves in the clarity of Presence, Discovery and Resolution.
  • Insight. The less time you spend playing with your stories, the more clearly you see That-Which–Is, “reality” as it actually is rather than as you think it is. You also gain a deeper understanding of the words and doings of the spiritual masters by seeing how they map to the three realms.
Updated: 06/19/2014


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