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Zen Meditation on the Los Angeles Westside

Thank you for your interest in our group! Because of the Covid pandemic, we have suspended our in-person meetings indefinitely.

Touching transcendence. Maintaining mindfulness. Living awake, moment after moment.

Zen is an ancient tradition, yet it's a living one that is constantly evolving. Today we're in the midst of the digital revolution. We no longer have to journey to the Far East to uncover the great spiritual secrets - we can find them online. No more need to scour bookstores for hints - just Google your question and you'll find more than enough answers.


So, then, what more is there to do? What does Zen have to offer us now?

The heart of Zen is in the doing of it. For commuters in modern Los Angeles as much as monks and nuns in medieval Japan, the task has always been to learn the forms of practice then set about applying them. The forms evolve, but the goal is always the same - wake up right now and be fully involved in your life in this moment.


Meditating together

Here, in the information-saturated world of Los Angeles, we are applying the underlying principles of Zen to our busy lives. The Westchester Zen Circle meets each Wednesday evening to practice Zen meditation (zazen) and mindfulness. In the spirit of Collective Awakening we also explore the fundamental questions of life through group discussion and koan study with our teacher.

Led by Roshi Kipp Ryodo Hawley, this is American Zen rooted in the Japanese Soto and Rinzai traditions. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring your meditation cushion if you have one.


Wednesday evenings
7:30pm: Zazen and dharma discussion until 9pm

Our in-person meetings have been suspended during the Covid-19 crisis.


California Meditation Center Hall
Holy Nativity Episcopal Church
6700 West 83rd Street, Westchester, CA    Google Maps



All in-person events are postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.